Restaurant Features
  1. Excellent Table Mapping
    Table service is easy with GreenPay™ POS! Our table mapping allows your servers to quickly and easily locate and manage their tables, and place orders. Set a number of seats per table and assign orders to each seat. Claimed tables change colors in order to identify which tables are being served at the moment and which server is assigned to that table. .
  2. Dine In and To Go Menus
    GreenPay™ POS understands that sometimes you need to charge a little more for To Go and Delivery orders. So, with a simple touch of a button, we allow you to control your revenue accordingly. By selecting which it will be, our software charges accordingly. Another way we help run your business efficiently!
  3. Multiple Currencies Accepted
    GreenPay™ POS understands that some locations need to accept multiple currencies. With the ability to convert to any currency exchange, we make it easy for you to products and services to all customers.
  4. Easy Table and Item Splitting
    With GreenPay™ POS, it is simple to split or combine checks. Checks can be split into multiple checks or one combined checks.
  5. Take Your Terminal to the Table
    With GreenPay™ POS, you can supply your servers with a mobile tablet for order taking and payment processing. With our POS solution, taking orders and paying at the tables is simple!
  6. Extensive Modifiers Available
    In order to ensure that your guests are receiving exactly what they want, GreenPay™ POS has extensive modifier buttons available. Over 100 buttons are viewable at any time. Forget swiping and navigating through page after page of modifiers. They are all visible when a menu item is selected. Colors and fonts are easily customizable.