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GreenPay POS Services provides many styles and colors to choose from. Whether you are looking for an all-in-one POS setup or if you need to add hardware to an existing POS system, you’ve come to the right place.

GALEO 200 is an ‘all-in-one’ vertical-concept EPOS terminal. This fanless system features an INTEL D525 Dual-Core Pineview processor, offering 90% more computing power than its predecessor – as well as better energy efficiency (consumption of 13 watts as opposed to 24 previously), therefore offering a smaller carbon footprint.

The slim line design of the […]

ODYSSE II Evolution is the dual screen version of the AURES integrated POS terminal.

The second screen facing the customer – available in touch or non-touch version – has been designed for digital display applications (interactive or not): in order to program and display images, text, adverts and commercials – as well as informational […]

APOS System plus AMON touch monitor

The reliability and high performance of SENOR’s APOS is improved. It can also be a useful advertising and entertaining medium by the addition of a Touch LCD display enabling video advertisings, promotions, and even weather forecasts to be shown to your customers. With SENOR’s DUAL APOS, serve, […]

SANGO: designed to free up space beneath your terminal’s touchscreen! SANGO is a completely new concept – original and innovative – of all-in-one till management system; one of its many unique features is to completely free-up the space under the touch screen.

With no intrusive base, stand or foot, unlike other EPOS systems on […]

The compact J2 225 touchscreen computer has a sleek, modern appearance with a 14-inch, LED backlit and 16:9 wide aspect ratio screen that allows for a smaller overall physical footprint. Due to its reduced size and weight and its ability to flat-fold into a shipping carton the size of an average notebook computer, it […]

For high performance and reliability J2 has chosen the new Intel Dual Core Atom 1.86GHz D2550 Cedarview processor to provide the longest product life possible. This new 32nm part has a higher speed with lower power consumption than other currently available Atom processors from Intel, at a similar price point. As part of the […]

Experience High Speed GTP-250 Printer

SENOR Printer GTP-250 is ideal for the hospitality and retail industries where a high printing speed and reliability are needed. The GDP-250 printer is user friendly, and easy to maintain and repair. The top cover can be opened easily so paper jams will never be a problem.


Resistant and durable

The Dot Matrix printer uses Serial Impact Method. Highly tolerant to hot and dirty operating conditions, specially recommended for environments such as kitchens and restaurants.

The GDP-220 printer is user friendly and easy to maintain and repair. It uses Rolling System and is easy to open so paper jams […]

Combining Impeccable Service with Superb Value The iSPOS 104 WP impresses in a compact sized, attractive all-in-one design.

A perfect solution to suit those with requirements for easy installation, ease of use, and space-saving in an all-in-one touch POS system. It is ideally suited for small and medium-sized business environment installation.


Promotional VESAmount LCD screen

This tilting 8.4″ LCD screen (220 x 175mm overall) is equipped with VESA standard fi xings and becomes the ideal product to display customer targeted messages and enhance the retail experience at the till point.

It can be used alone in wall mounted applications, or in dual […]